Working at Skapa is immensely satisfying. Some say it’s the best thing after making love / ice cream (whatever you like best). But seriously, it’s challenging, fun, well-paid, and gives you all the room you need to grow and get better every day.

WARNING: working at Skapa can seriously affect your behaviour:

1 _ Become flexible

If we hire you, we believe in you. That means you’re free to do your job however you see fit. We’ve got your back and will give you all the support you need, but there’s no micromanaging. You just do what you’re good at. With a company laptop and phone, you can work wherever you want. Really, you’re THAT flexible.

2 _ Feel better

We want you to feel good and promote a healthy work-life balance. Fit body, brilliant mind… that kind of stuff. Don’t worry, we’re not all fit boys and girls. But we do look after each other and have a zero burn-out rate. Your well-being is one of our top priorities.

3 _ Go global

You like international business? Skapa is as global as it gets. We sell our products worldwide, have over 10 international warehouses and work with production facilities all over the world. All this is controlled from our HQ in Asten.

4 _ Free your mind

Don’t just think outside the box; forget the box. There is no box. Anything you can imagine; we can turn into a business opportunity. We have in-house product development, and our product portfolio has no limits.

5 _ Laugh about your mistakes

Life’s too short to work with jerks, so we only hire nice people. For real! We have the greatest team-spirit and there’s plenty of room to make mistakes, to laugh about them, to learn from each other and to grow.

Meet your new

We don’t have a football table or hipster hammocks, but our office is a pretty comfortable and neat place. We actually have two offices, in Asten and Etten-Leur. Asten is the location of our creative mothership and business headquarters. One of our warehouses is located in Etten-Leur, close to the Port of Rotterdam – Europe’s biggest harbor.