Are you interested in reselling our products? Let’s get in touch. We are specialised in various products and market. We love to tell you more about it. Below some of this highlighted.

_ Wheels & Castors

Part of our warehousing equipment division, we are one of the leading castor manufacturers and dealers within Europe. Our products are used in a wide range of markets and segments, ranging from Food to Medical, from furniture to Industry.

Our factory produces with advanced equipment, latest technology and the best raw material, which ensures that our products are agile and durable. Quality is what we stand for. As well as service. For that reason we offer standard ranges but also tailor made solutions. The majority of our products are kept in stock, but we also work make-to-order. Whatever fits your needs. We are here to keep you and your business moving.

_ Hearing Protection

When it comes to hearing protection we are a top player in the online market. Some of the products we sell under the Vanderfields brand are amongst the bestselling brands on Amazon worldwide. These products are also available for other resellers.

Good to know is that hearing protection is a growing market. More and more people are experiencing hearing loss or hearing damage which could have been prevented by wearing the right hearing protection. Often hearing protection is not experienced as “cool”. This is where Vanderfields comes in. We are here to “make safety cool again”.

_ Tailor made solution

For various customers we develop products tailor made. This means that you will have your own exclusive castor, which can even be branded with your own name or logo.

Our tooling costs are low, making it possible to start with a relatively low Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ). Get in touch, to find out more about the possibilities.

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